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The VoxCorvegis Drinking Game!

I’m feeling a little bit of undirected creativity today, so I’m going to start up a new meme: the Blog Drinking Game! The idea here is that you list the top five recurring motifs/clichés in your blogging. In this fashion, … Continue reading

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The Cybelene Victorious

They want for you to kneel bowed and broken To Accept their insights that you are falsely made They want for you to cower, quiver, quaver To dodge their righteous, rightful, mocking gaze. They want for you to duck among … Continue reading

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What You’ve Done For Me

I must reacquaint myself with silence Now that I can’t depend Upon the noisome, anti-tranquil violence Of you, my dearest friend. And in those years of sheer frustration When your din brought such vexation Never once did I imagine I’d … Continue reading

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The Culling of the Future

Every second is mass murder as vig’rously we kill all that which will never be in cause of that which will. [And this is why I sometimes find it so difficult to make life decisions.]

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The Perils of Loving While Asexual

(This one starts out rather disgustingly sappy, but don’t worry, it redeems itself by the end) If you were here, my dear I’d give you a rose, Kiss your red lips And suck on your toes, Massage your back And … Continue reading

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Rhyme out of Emptiness

All of this old rubbish Goes floating by unmarked Gently they flow, Those waters below, Made rank by my rotting heart.­­ Once you said you loved me And once I thought it true— In all of time, No love as … Continue reading

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Cowardly Theoretical Perseus

Cowardly Theoretical Perseus On paper, I create mathematical models, which describe fluid flows, which look like black holes, which are dual to field theories, which are kind of like QCD. I am, in essence, Looking at a shadow of a … Continue reading

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