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Sally Ride Shirked Her Cookie-Baking, Baby-Making Duties By Living an Exciting Life

Sometimes, in the dark fringes of the Internet, I will encounter something of such unspeakable, singular stupidity that I will have no choice but to simply wave my hand and dismiss it as parody. And then there are times when … Continue reading

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Why Scientists Should Read Science Fiction

Every so often, one of my (older) colleagues will find me reading a science fiction novel. “Ah, science fiction,” they will say. “I used to read quite a bit of that. Of course, I can’t really get in to it … Continue reading

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Ideology as Market Segment

There are no Chick-fil-A outlets in Canada, so I have been watching the fall-out from the Company President’s recent explosion of mind-numbing theoconservative assholery from a safe distance. It’s quite the interesting spectacle. I say ‘interesting’ rather than ‘amusing’ because … Continue reading

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How Not To Write Comprehensibly

Here’s a new rule by which I think that everyone should at least try to abide in their blogging: unless you are writing for exclusively specialists, whenever you make use of an initialism, take a few seconds to spell-out what … Continue reading

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Is Economics A Science?

There’s a bit of an ongoing debate among hard scientists as to whether or not we should count economists among our number. On the one hand (say those who claim that economics is a science) they perform non-trivial mathematical analysis … Continue reading

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“That Sucks.”

It might come as a shock to you to learn that, by and large, I actually talk in real life in exactly the same way that I write upon this blog. Needless to say then, I don’t talk like a … Continue reading

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TV That Makes You Think

So let me make a few things clear: I am a skeptic*; I do not believe in supernatural phenomena of any kind, and when I hear an extraordinary claim being made (one which, for example, violates the known laws of … Continue reading

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Of Spambots

I’m sure that every civilized denizen of the Internet can by now agree that anyone who devises an advertising campaign which makes use of spambots should be boiled in a vat of their own saliva. But usually these spam campaigns … Continue reading

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The People Have Spoken

Well, it’s been a few days since I asked about format changes to this blog, and since that time, the overwhelming majority of respondents (a margin of 100%, in fact) have made clear that they do not want me to … Continue reading

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“Losing” An Argument

When you think about it, talking about arguments in terms of winning and losing doesn’t actually make much sense. Think about it; assuming that the argument is based exclusively upon facts and logic (which is usually a pretty big assumption, … Continue reading

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