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The World Needs More Humanists

Speaking from personal experience, one of the big questions in public outreach for the Sciences is: How do we get more students into STEM?  The question which seems, unfortunately, to be left unasked is: how many scientists, technologists, engineers and … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the Future

I think I’m done with Physics now. The process of my Master’s Degree has left me feeling disenchanted. For the last several years, I have felt like a cog in a vast machine–and not a particularly necessary cog either. Beyond … Continue reading

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“Societal Windtunnels?”

Over on Clarissa’s blog, there’s a bit of an ongoing debate as to whether it is possible to ‘perfect’ Communism in such a way that implementing it doesn’t result in millions upon millions of innocent people dying. On the one … Continue reading

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Writing and Physics

One of the very sad consequences of the ideological rivalry between the sciences and the humanities is that everything that has come out of physics over the last sixty years or so has been cursed with incredibly boring, incredibly stupid … Continue reading

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What I Want To Do With My Life

So, we’ve established by this point that I want above anything else to be a writer. We’ve also established that it is, in fact, very difficult to make one’s living on writing alone, so the overwhelming likelihood is that I … Continue reading

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The Secret History of Jaime (Part One)

I love my parents. I truly do. But I find that I have not been enjoying their company on this occasion nearly as much as I should, for all of our interactions this time have been overshadowed and poisoned by … Continue reading

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Is Economics A Science?

There’s a bit of an ongoing debate among hard scientists as to whether or not we should count economists among our number. On the one hand (say those who claim that economics is a science) they perform non-trivial mathematical analysis … Continue reading

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