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The Harperite Crusade Against Science

If you have an hour to spare and are in the mood for experiencing some blood-boiling rage, I highly recommend that you watch this Fifth Estate documentary which aired tonight on CBC television. Entitled “The Silence of the Labs,” the documentary gives … Continue reading

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The Slow Death of Democracy in Canada

So here’s a fun new law on the books in the province of Alberta: As before, most Alberta public employees won’t be permitted to strike. But from now on, they won’t even be able to talk about a strike or … Continue reading

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Claims of Legitimacy

Science is not democratic, but the two systems have a lot in common with each other. In particular, both science and democracy in their present forms are rooted in the Enlightment-era idea that claims can be legitimized or de-legitimized through … Continue reading

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The Critical Need for Democratic Reform

A few days ago, Christie Clark, the (spectacularly unpopular) Premier of British Columbia up and announced that the Provincial legislature will not be sitting for the fall session. I suspect that I’m not alone in that my reaction, upon hearing … Continue reading

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No Science; No Evidence; No Truth; No Democracy

Today, scientists in this country got out and did what has needed to be done for years now: hundreds of them, clad in white lab coats, ventured to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to protest the Harper Regime’s policies on scientific … Continue reading

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How I Would Fix Canada’s Democracy

So after I wrote that post yesterday, I got to thinking about what sorts of specific democratic reforms I would actually like to see implemented. I surprised myself with just how non-radical most of them actually are, for things which haven’t … Continue reading

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A Canadian Revolution?

Believe it or not, this post is not actually going to be about my hatred of Stephen Harper. Not that I don’t hate him, mind you, but there have been alot of bad Prime Ministers in the past, and Canadian … Continue reading

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The Globe and Mail Sucks, Part 3: Sucking Harper

The good news is that, after a more than a week of persistent controversy and outrage, Canada’s self-declared national newspaper has finally decided that they can no longer keep their fingers in their ears and pretend that the robo-call scandal … Continue reading

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The ‘Frenemy’ Ideal

I’ve always liked the idea of “Frenemies:” that is to say, people with whom you may have serious disagreements and with whom you may spend inordinate amounts of time fighting but who, at the end of the day, you respect … Continue reading

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