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The Harperite Crusade Against Science

If you have an hour to spare and are in the mood for experiencing some blood-boiling rage, I highly recommend that you watch this Fifth Estate documentary which aired tonight on CBC television. Entitled “The Silence of the Labs,” the documentary gives … Continue reading

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The Slow Death of Democracy in Canada

So here’s a fun new law on the books in the province of Alberta: As before, most Alberta public employees won’t be permitted to strike. But from now on, they won’t even be able to talk about a strike or … Continue reading

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Claims of Legitimacy

Science is not democratic, but the two systems have a lot in common with each other. In particular, both science and democracy in their present forms are rooted in the Enlightment-era idea that claims can be legitimized or de-legitimized through … Continue reading

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The Critical Need for Democratic Reform

A few days ago, Christie Clark, the (spectacularly unpopular) Premier of British Columbia up and announced that the Provincial legislature will not be sitting for the fall session. I suspect that I’m not alone in that my reaction, upon hearing … Continue reading

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No Science; No Evidence; No Truth; No Democracy

Today, scientists in this country got out and did what has needed to be done for years now: hundreds of them, clad in white lab coats, ventured to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to protest the Harper Regime’s policies on scientific … Continue reading

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How I Would Fix Canada’s Democracy

So after I wrote that post yesterday, I got to thinking about what sorts of specific democratic reforms I would actually like to see implemented. I surprised myself with just how non-radical most of them actually are, for things which haven’t … Continue reading

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A Canadian Revolution?

Believe it or not, this post is not actually going to be about my hatred of Stephen Harper. Not that I don’t hate him, mind you, but there have been alot of bad Prime Ministers in the past, and Canadian … Continue reading

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