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The Harperite Crusade Against Science

If you have an hour to spare and are in the mood for experiencing some blood-boiling rage, I highly recommend that you watch this¬†Fifth Estate documentary¬†which aired tonight on CBC television. Entitled “The Silence of the Labs,” the documentary gives … Continue reading

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I’m Not Dead Yet!

I have come to suspect that most, if not all, of my parents’ ongoing discomfort with my transition is rooted in the idea that the person that they knew is dying and being replaced by a stranger. It was an … Continue reading

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Disqualifying Terms

There are certain words and phrases whose use in an unironic or non-critical context will immediately stop me from taking the author’s argument seriously. A partial list is presented as follows: “Politically Correct:” This is almost always used as a … Continue reading

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The Stupidest Arguments I Have Ever Heard

I should be preparing for my defense, but honestly, I feel like I would be ready to go right now if I had to do so, and endlessly rehashing the same information is hurting my brain. So instead, I’m going … Continue reading

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Decadence And Magical Thinking

There are times when it is perfectly reasonable to suggest that certain activities might result in the collapse of civilization. I would argue, for example, that this claim could be usefully applied to things like catastrophic global warming or nuclear … Continue reading

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The Effects of Prolonged Exposure

It’s occurred to me that I have now been taking female hormones and androgen blockers for approximately six months (when one factors-in the hiatuses imposed by lack of funds in July and lack of scrip in September); for the past … Continue reading

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Egregiously Stupid Arguments Against Science For The Sake Of Science

Craig and Marc Kielburger are the founders of an international charity based on the idea of empowering youth into social activism. I’m sure that they are both absolutely wonderful and saintly Human beings. I would be remiss, however, if I … Continue reading

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