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The Stupidest Arguments I Have Ever Heard

I should be preparing for my defense, but honestly, I feel like I would be ready to go right now if I had to do so, and endlessly rehashing the same information is hurting my brain. So instead, I’m going … Continue reading

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Of Misogyny

Misogyny is, of course, alive and well in contemporary society: however, high-profile misogynists generally take pains to cloak their detestation of the female gender underneath a series of abstractions and polite-sounding euphemisms. For this reason, it is in some ways … Continue reading

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Why Are There So Few Women In Physics?

Last year, I taught two lab sections, both offered to undergraduate engineering students. There were only two women in each of these labs, out of  classes of twenty-five; consultation with the people TA’ing other sections led me to the conclusion … Continue reading

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Enough With the Talackova, Already

I have nothing against Jenna Talackova; she seems like an absolutely lovely Human being; and I further acknowledge that her initial disqualification from the Miss Universe pageant was a grossly unjust and discriminatory. That said, I am getting rather annoyed … Continue reading

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