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Concerning Romance

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been more than nine months since I broke-up with Nominatissima. I think, though, that it is time for me to move-on romantically. This, of course, is easier said than done:  I am … Continue reading

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Things You Can’t Explain To A Child

When it comes to issues pertaining to queerness (particularly in public education), one tired refrain frequently emerges from opponents: namely, that children are incapable of understanding the issues involved. Allow me to present an anecdote: when I was about five … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement: Feminism

Feminism, as a process, involves interrogating society, identifying structures which contribute to the oppression of women (or to gender inequality more generally), and acting in order to excise, or in some way modify these structures. Some of these structures are … Continue reading

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Of Sex and Loneliness

I’ve never been very much of a social animal; I didn’t really “hang out” with my friends in High School or University and my attendance at parties over the years has been sporadic at best. I tend to find the … Continue reading

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The Czechoslovakian Break-Up: The Didactic Express, Day 19

I would like to propose that the term Czechoslovakian Break-up be entered into the English lexicon as a metaphorical term used to describe any situation in which long-time partners dissolve their relationship with very little acrimony.* Having now defined this … Continue reading

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A Writing Problem

I happen to think that I’m a very good writer*; I can write fiction and nonfiction, short stories, novels, essays, letters, dialogues, diatribes, speeches, scripts, theses, memoranda, comic books, you name it. But in spite of my prowess (which I … Continue reading

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Why They Hate Us

I’ve thought (too) long and (too) hard about the question of why radical feminists hate transsexual women. At first it seemed like a simple matter of a group of people prizing ideological purity over the inconvenient life experiences of other … Continue reading

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A Curious Effect

After having taken estrogen, progesterone and androgen blockers every day for two weeks now, I can’t help but notice an unexpected side-effect. That is to say, I think I may have achieved a state that can only be described as … Continue reading

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This is a Perfect Example of What I’m Talking About

One of the major themes that I have running through this blog is that people in the Sciences and people in the Humanities fundamentally do not understand one another, one account of the fact that sciences are inherently apolitical whereas … Continue reading

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This is Pretty Unambiguous

A few weeks ago, you may recall, I wrote about someone finding this blog using the search term “Fucking Harper.” At the time I joked that it may have been someone looking for Stephen Harper porn. Today, however, I logged-in … Continue reading

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