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So, now that I know that I will be spending my summer at the school in France (and therefore that there is no point to looking for a job just now), I am pleased to say that I can focus … Continue reading

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Advice Worth Taking

The guest-speaker at my undergraduate convocation was a relatively-famous* radio personality and science popularizer. He had some advice for the gathered students: Get the heck off of North America. Throw a dart at a map of the world and just … Continue reading

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The Fallibility of Peer Review

An interesting article turned up on the BBC website today; apparently, a student has discovered fundamental calculation errors in a seminal 2010 economics paper making the case for austerity. I am not an economist, and I have not read this … Continue reading

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The Toronto Star’s Flaccid Response

I was not the only one who found Rosie DiManno’s monstrous bit of rape apology to be deeply offensive, as it turns out: several others wrote in to the paper to complain, and a petition is circulating online, calling (as … Continue reading

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Digits of Pi

I have an advanced degree in mathematical physics. How many digits of pi do you suppose that I know off of the top of my head? The answer may surprise you. The answer is six. I know 3.14159. That’s it; … Continue reading

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Fire Rosie DiManno.

[Warning: I’m about to discuss issues of sexual assault.] I am not, as you know, much of a fan of print media in Canada these days. But if there was one daily newspaper in the entire country that I considered … Continue reading

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What I Won’t Do For Money

It turns out that my mathematical abilities are very much in demand amongst “payday lending” companies. I however am not even going to apply for such jobs. Unemployment would be preferable to helping these parasites. The entire industry is an … Continue reading

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