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Why I’ll Never Be An Astronaut*

On Wednesday afternoon, I fainted dead away in the middle of a lecture. Jet lag certainly had something to do with it, but for the most part, I honestly that it was mainly triggered by the subject of the lecture: … Continue reading

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An Unpleasant Bind

Why do I always do these things to myself? The thing is that traveling is a brutal exercise when your documents don’t match your gender identity. Customs officials are more likely to single you out, and even in Canada, our … Continue reading

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Dispatches from Strasbourg

Sorry I have not really been able to update in the last few days. As you know, I have travelled to the International Space University in Strasbourg, France. Getting there was Hellish; not only did it involve accumulating nine hours … Continue reading

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Concerning Fanfiction

As you know, I have been trying to write a certain number of words of fiction each day. As you may also recall, I will be embarking, tomorrow evening, upon a rather lengthy flight to Strasbourg. It has been my … Continue reading

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The Consolation of Thermodynamics.

Historians of science have long made note of the surprisingly high rate of suicide attempts amongst the founders of  thermodynamics. On the face of it, it makes a great deal of sense; thermodynamics is a particularly grim branch of physics … Continue reading

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Why I’m Worried About My Future

This evening, my mom and I were enjoying a car-ride through the city, when the subject turned (as it inevitably must and shall) to my employment; more particularly, to my present lack thereof. “When you go to this summer school … Continue reading

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Farewell to the Life I Have Built

On Tuesday, I was presented with a diploma which certified my status as a Master of Science. From this day forward, I can truthfully tell people that I hold an advanced degree in theoretical physics*. Convocation itself was a dreadfully … Continue reading

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