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The Wasted Year

Tomorrow, I’m going to Montreal for the first time in eleven years. It seems that the staff of the International Space University were sufficiently impressed by my work last year in Strasbourg that they are inviting me back, with food, … Continue reading

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The Competitive Global Market Place

Nothing in this world does more to boost my ego than rejecting a job offer that I consider to be insulting. As you know: I have, for the last several months, been eking out a meagre existence editing scientific papers … Continue reading

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A Blessing in Disguise?

Job hunting is the most frustrating job I’ve ever had. There’s really very little good to be said about it, at all. Perhaps a few weeks of it can be said to “build character,” but endless months (bleeding into years) of … Continue reading

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Of Respect

I fear that my previous post may have left the reader with an unfairly negative view of my present circumstance. While it is true that I feel like I’ve been stuck in a sort of “teenage stasis” for the past … Continue reading

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Life On An Elastic Band

There are only two things to be said for eking out a meagre existence. The first, quite obviously, is that at least you’re still existing. The second is that “eking” is a fun word to say. I am an example … Continue reading

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You Probably Need My Services

I’m pleased to announce that I have now exited the ranks of the unemployed and joined the burgeoning ranks of the under-employed! More particularly, I now have a job editing academic papers; my educational background allows me to edit both natural … Continue reading

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2013 Year-End Meme

1. What did you do in 2013 that you’d never done before? Earned a Master’s Degree, lived in Europe, went on a series of terrifying rollercoasters and was decorated by the European Space Agency, figured-out, in broad terms, what I … Continue reading

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