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Pretending Not To Notice

That was uncomfortable. As you know, I’m not out-of-the-closet to my supervisor. Normally, this is frustrating, but leads to few problems. I duck into my office and change before our meetings. Lately, however, he has apparently decided to become more … Continue reading

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Are Women “Too Busy To Think About Politics?”

If there is one politician in the entire country whom I hate on a level comparable to that of Prime Minister Harper then it can only be BC Premier Christie Clark*. Since her election a year and a half ago, … Continue reading

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The Horror of Monkey-Man!

This being the “season” leading-in to Halloween, I thought it might be optimal to put a few minutes aside in order to discuss those things which frightened me as a child. To begin, I need to make plain the fact … Continue reading

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In Which The Author Expresses Her Frustration

My thesis is written, my diagrams are prepared; I’ve got my results plotted into nice little pretty point-graphs of in the complex plane.  I have made the revisions my supervisor requested, rewritten entire chapters for comprehensibility, and broken-down all of … Continue reading

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One Takes One’s Victories Where One Can

I came-out to my best friend from High School a year before I came-out to the world in general. That was now two years less three months ago, and during all of that time, he has refrained from addressing this … Continue reading

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Learning New Things About Yourself

So as you know, I have been experimenting with different modes of gender expression since I came-out a few months ago. I have done this, first and foremost, as a simple celebration of my new-found freedom to do this, but … Continue reading

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Amusing Errors

One of the unfortunate things about being a physicist is that I cannot, generally, take part in the academic passtime of highlighting particularly amusing errors made by my students to delight my readers. This is because the assignments I mark … Continue reading

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