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The Political Necessity of Mathematical Education

I touched upon this briefly in my previous post, but I’m going to expound upon it at greater length here: those who are knowledgeable in mathematics have an inherently privileged knowledge of the way that civilization works. Now, this is … Continue reading

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Concerning Mathematical Illiteracy

You will not be surprised to learn that in the course of my work as a tutor, I have encountered a great many people who are not particularly skilled in mathematics*. Most of them are blasé about this: they will … Continue reading

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Digits of Pi

I have an advanced degree in mathematical physics. How many digits of pi do you suppose that I know off of the top of my head? The answer may surprise you. The answer is six. I know 3.14159. That’s it; … Continue reading

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Don’t Look Down.

Calculus is a subject whose very name tends to strike terror into the hearts of anyone who hasn’t taken it. It is, for whatever reason, infamous throughout the popular culture for its difficulty. When I was teenager, I feared it. … Continue reading

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My Short Long Weekend (The Didactic Express, Day 25)

This Monday is Thanksgiving in Canada, so as a result I have a long weekend. Unfortunately, however, I also have a thesis due. So as a result I don’t have a long weekend because I needed to go to my … Continue reading

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Work Before Pleasure Before Work Before Pleasure Before Work Before… (The Didactic Express: Day 8)

I have managed to sleep for perhaps eight hours out of the last three days. It’s the anxiety which is keeping me up; mostly, I’m concerned about my thesis; I promised a draft to my supervisor for last Friday, but … Continue reading

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Why Are There So Few Women In Physics?

Last year, I taught two lab sections, both offered to undergraduate engineering students. There were only two women in each of these labs, out of  classes of twenty-five; consultation with the people TA’ing other sections led me to the conclusion … Continue reading

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