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Of Intellectual Dishonesty

It has been almost two and a half years now since I came out as transgender, and another two years again since I started reading up on trans issues, and in all of this time, I have never once encountered– … Continue reading

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Picking Things Apart

I like picking things apart. As far as I am concerned, dissecting illogical or unsupported arguments to figure-out why or when they don’t work, is one of life’s true pleasures. Which is why I’ve been in a bit of a … Continue reading

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The End of The World

I just read a very interesting article by Amanda Marcotte on why Evangelical Christians in the United States seem so positively gung-ho about the allegedly looming End of the World and the untold suffering that it will bring. She identifies … Continue reading

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Everytime I Hear Someone Mention “the Rights of Parents,” I Reach for my Gun

I want you think for a moment: Have you ever heard a single instance of “the rights of parents” being invoked in situation where it wasn’t being used in a blatant attempt to justify child abuse? Because every time these … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Interfaith Cooperation

The only thing worse than when Fundamentalist Christians and Conservative Muslims fight with each other, is when they team up. Case in point,┬áthe latest outburst of stupidity over the province of Ontario’s unjustly-controversial new curricular policies. This time, at least, … Continue reading

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The Stupidest Argument Against Transgenderism

…is the same thing as the stupidest argument against anything else: ie, ‘it runs contrary to God’s plan.’ Someone ought to explain this to the hicks in this comments section. To be perfectly honest, I’m rather unconcerned about God’s opinion … Continue reading

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Ideology as Market Segment

There are no Chick-fil-A outlets in Canada, so I have been watching the fall-out from the Company President’s recent explosion of mind-numbing theoconservative assholery from a safe distance. It’s quite the interesting spectacle. I say ‘interesting’ rather than ‘amusing’ because … Continue reading

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