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Post Mortem (part 2)

It was shortly after Trudeau announced the new ban on oil tankers on the BC north coast that I realised that Stephen Harper really has left no legacy to this country at all. What were the great projects of his … Continue reading

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Election Post-Mortem

People will recite bitter claims that Canada has chosen style (Trudeau) over substance (Mulcair, or even Harper). And while that may be true, I absolutely disagree that the Liberals only won because of Justin Trudeau’s good looks and famous name. … Continue reading

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The Complete History of Canada (According to Stephen Harper)

ca. 15,000 BC – 1496 AD: Nothing at all happened. 1497: John Cabot (who was definitively not named Giovanni Caboto) discovered Newfoundland while in the service of England, at which point Canada entered history. 1608 – 1758: A bunch of … Continue reading

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Giving Stephen Harper Too Much Credit

Ever since Stephen Harper was first elected in 2006, there has been an endless conversation going on in Canada’s media and academic institutions about the ideological predispositions of his government. Is he a genuine fundamentalist, or is he just playing one … Continue reading

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(The Day After) Canada Day

I’m afraid I couldn’t bring myself to produce a new Canada Day post this year. My feelings on the subject are pretty much the same as they have been for the past two years. I’m running out of novel ways … Continue reading

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The Slow Death of Democracy in Canada

So here’s a fun new law on the books in the province of Alberta: As before, most Alberta public employees won’t be permitted to strike. But from now on, they won’t even be able to talk about a strike or … Continue reading

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Chris Hadfield and the Elusive Sense of Pride

Last night, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was in my city to sign copies of his new book. I am (as you might imagine) something of a space buff, so I tried going to the shop in order to get a … Continue reading

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Une Canadienne Erante

I am now two thirds of the way through this program: six weeks completed, three weeks to go. I stupidly agreed to spend the last period serving as Managing Editor for a one hundred and sixty page book on Solar … Continue reading

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Yet Another Canada Day

I wasn’t feeling particularly patriotic this Canada Day*, and not just because I’m in France. You see, I had the opportunity to describe the Harper Government to my Norwegian friend, and it filled me with shame. “Our Prime Minister has … Continue reading

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Idle No More

My fellow Non-Aboriginal Canadians (henceforth to be referred to, for the sake of simplicity, as “Settler-Canadians”) can be forgiven for not yet appreciating that this country is in the midst of a revolution. Indeed, it would seem that the Settler … Continue reading

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