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Don’t Be A Dick.

We can all agree, I think, that all forms of oppression can be charitably regarded as being “dick moves.” However, while all oppression is dickish, not all dickishness is necessarily oppressive. Case in point (relying on my own experience, so … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement: Feminism

Feminism, as a process, involves interrogating society, identifying structures which contribute to the oppression of women (or to gender inequality more generally), and acting in order to excise, or in some way modify these structures. Some of these structures are … Continue reading

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Idle No More

My fellow Non-Aboriginal Canadians (henceforth to be referred to, for the sake of simplicity, as “Settler-Canadians”) can be forgiven for not yet appreciating that this country is in the midst of a revolution. Indeed, it would seem that the Settler … Continue reading

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