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Lessons Learned in Montréal

Yesterday, I returned from my month-long sojourn in Montreal; while it was certainly a wonderful thing to regain some measure of independence (no matter how temporarily), I am certainly happy to see the end of 24-hour work days*. I learned … Continue reading

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The Wasted Year

Tomorrow, I’m going to Montreal for the first time in eleven years. It seems that the staff of the International Space University were sufficiently impressed by my work last year in Strasbourg that they are inviting me back, with food, … Continue reading

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Things to Repress about Grad School

One of the most unfortunate things about my current living situation is how few of my old friends still live in this city, so as you might imagine, I was absolutely delighted when my best friend from High School returned … Continue reading

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A Blessing in Disguise?

Job hunting is the most frustrating job I’ve ever had. There’s really very little good to be said about it, at all. Perhaps a few weeks of it can be said to “build character,” but endless months (bleeding into years) of … Continue reading

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Not Just For Artists Anymore.

One the many downsides of being both graduated and unemployed is that it makes it very difficult for me to publish papers based on my Master’s Thesis, as most peer-reviewed scientific journals demand that submissions come from scholars with some … Continue reading

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Quantum Gender

In a certain light, queer conceptions of gender are a lot like quantum computing. I beg your indulgence, dear readers; I promise that I have not dived off into the deep end of quantum woo. I am merely pointing-out qualitative … Continue reading

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You Probably Need My Services

I’m pleased to announce that I have now exited the ranks of the unemployed and joined the burgeoning ranks of the under-employed! More particularly, I now have a job editing academic papers; my educational background allows me to edit both natural … Continue reading

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