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We Interupt Our Regularly-Scheduled Programming: An Inauspicious 200th Post

So the month is coming to a close, which means that rent on my new place is soon to be due. While I am absolutely delighted to be in this place rather than living in the old one, I’m afraid … Continue reading

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Looks Like There’s Going To Be A Fight

This morning, we did the final inspection of the unit with the Landlady; she vowed to dispute our refusal to pay for her oven. The nice folks in the government have repeatedly informed me that, given the circumstances, we have … Continue reading

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Concerning Bullies

When you are in school, there’s a persistent myth that is spread about, particularly by teachers, parents and others in positions of authority, that you need only suffer bullies until you graduate; at this point they will all magically disappear, … Continue reading

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How I Would Fix Canada’s Democracy

So after I wrote that post yesterday, I got to thinking about what sorts of specific democratic reforms I would actually like to see implemented. I surprised myself with just how┬ánon-radical most of them actually are, for things which haven’t … Continue reading

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My Life Outside of Programming

As of this week, I have started studying the Python computer language. I am doing so for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I feel that my relative lack of knowledge of computer … Continue reading

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A Canadian Revolution?

Believe it or not, this post is not actually going to be about my hatred of Stephen Harper. Not that I don’t hate him, mind you, but there have been alot of bad Prime Ministers in the past, and Canadian … Continue reading

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A Curious Effect

After having taken estrogen, progesterone and androgen blockers every day for two weeks now, I can’t help but notice an unexpected side-effect. That is to say, I think I may have achieved a state that can only be described as … Continue reading

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