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Regrets, I’ve Not Had a Few

Maybe it’s just my relative youth, but it has occurred to me that I don’t actually think that I have any regrets. I mean: in some ways, it would have been nice to transition before puberty, but can I honestly … Continue reading

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Not Just For Artists Anymore.

One the many downsides of being both graduated and unemployed is that it makes it very difficult for me to publish papers based on my Master’s Thesis, as most peer-reviewed scientific journals demand that submissions come from scholars with some … Continue reading

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Because Being Scientifically Literate is the Same Thing as Being a “Leftist,” Apparently

My fellow fans of retired Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield will be absolutely delighted to learn that he will soon become a regular fixture on CBC News’ The National. According to the press release on the subject: (T)he retired spaceman will “bring his … Continue reading

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Empiricism in Politics

I’m bugged the sheer number of people who don’t understand that claims outside of the sciences can be empirically testable. For example, it’s all well and good to argue that putting transgender protections into Human Rights codes will result in … Continue reading

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The Harperite Crusade Against Science

If you have an hour to spare and are in the mood for experiencing some blood-boiling rage, I highly recommend that you watch this Fifth Estate documentary which aired tonight on CBC television. Entitled “The Silence of the Labs,” the documentary gives … Continue reading

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The Toronto Star is a Terrible, Transmisogynistic Rag.

Being as it was the only major English-language daily not to endorse Harper in 2011, one could be lulled into the impression that the Toronto Star is, in some sense “progressive.” The problem with being a trans woman, however, is … Continue reading

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Quantum Gender

In a certain light, queer conceptions of gender are a lot like quantum computing. I beg your indulgence, dear readers; I promise that I have not dived off into the deep end of quantum woo. I am merely pointing-out qualitative … Continue reading

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