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In Which The Author Polishes a Turd

I enjoy my job; it doesn’t pay as much as I would like, and I could do with a more regular set of hours, but it pays the bills, I’m good at it, and I get to work in my … Continue reading

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Of Exoplanets

My generation will be the last in Human history to grow up with only nine planets in the known Universe*. This fact amazes me when I think about it. The planets of the Solar System were one of the first … Continue reading

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A Blessing in Disguise?

Job hunting is the most frustrating job I’ve ever had. There’s really very little good to be said about it, at all. Perhaps a few weeks of it can be said to “build character,” but endless months (bleeding into years) of … Continue reading

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Losing the Faith

Let us suppose that there exists a field of study in which people take established facts about the world and extrapolate upon them wildly; where bizarre–though interesting–ideas are routinely advanced with no more basis than the fact that they could conceivably … Continue reading

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Ancestor Simulations

It might interest you to learn that the question of whether or not the Universe is a computer program is a real and legitimate field of scholarly interest in theoretical physics. Personally I love the idea of such “ancestor simulations.” … Continue reading

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I Get E-Mail

I haven’t been a grad student in physics in about a year. As far as I know, my name no longer appears on any University mailing lists. So I guess my question is: how do cranks still manage to spam … Continue reading

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Why There’s No Such Thing as Being “Apolitical”

Occasionally, I will hear from people who appreciate my writing, or my scientific work, or my qualities as a person, but who have little use for my politics. They invariably ask some variant of the question: “why do you have … Continue reading

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