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Out and About: The Didactic Express, Day 18

So as you may well have gathered from the previous handful of posts, I have become increasingly bold in terms of my gender expression. Facilitating this transition has been the fact that, for some reason, a local discount shoe retailer … Continue reading

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Reunion: The Didactic Express, Day 17

My psychiatrist is labouring under the misapprehension that I am an ‘interesting person;’ further to this, she seems to believe that my refusal to acknowledge that other people might see me as such is systematically sabotaging my ability to interact … Continue reading

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Could This Possibly Be Authentic?

This Comedy Central video has been making the rounds amongst my friends. The woman it depicts is, ostensibly, a Republican party strategist by the name of Noelle Nikpour. Now, I have very little faith in the basic scientific literacy of … Continue reading

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Easing Interactions: The Didactic Express, Day 16

As I have established, I am growing increasingly frustrated with the occasional necessity of pretending to be a man–to the point, in fact, where I feel that it is somewhat impeding my progress by restraining my gender presentation. Lately, I … Continue reading

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Mommy-Blogging And Me (Didactic Express, Day 15)

So, it goes without saying that I am not a mother; indeed, it seems a rather remote prospect that I will ever have children (and indeed, I question whether or not I will ever actually want them). But there is … Continue reading

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What I Want To Do With My Life

So, we’ve established by this point that I want above anything else to be a writer. We’ve also established that it is, in fact, very difficult to make one’s living on writing alone, so the overwhelming likelihood is that I … Continue reading

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Rotten Day: The Didactic Express, Day 14

Nominatissima has generously granted me the use of her laptop for the writing of this entry. I can’t use my own, because the screen, somehow, appears to have developed several parallel vertical lines filled with dead pixels, turning it’s display … Continue reading

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The Good Kind of Pain (is Still Painful): The Didactic Express, Day 13

Today, following on the advice of one of my readers, I had my first laser hair removal treatment. As per the clinician’s recommendation, I slathered my face up in a topical anasthetic about forty minutes before the treatment began. “Remember … Continue reading

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Stephen Harper Wants A Cookie

So if you have been following Canadian politics over the last six years or so (and if you have been doing so with more than sixty percent of your brain actually functioning), it will likely come as a great shock … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Canadian Identity

If you were to ask an English-Speaking Canadian what his nationality was at any point prior to the First World War, the overwhelming likelihood is that he would tell you that he was British. This is hardly surprising; for all … Continue reading

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