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Threats to Poilievre

Stephen Harper’s (Un)Democratic Reform Minister, Pierre Poilievre, has reputedly been receiving anonymous death threats over his proposed Fair Elections Act, prompting an RCMP investigation. Now, I want to make clear that I of course do not condone death threats*, and … Continue reading

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The Harperite Crusade Against Science

If you have an hour to spare and are in the mood for experiencing some blood-boiling rage, I highly recommend that you watch this¬†Fifth Estate documentary¬†which aired tonight on CBC television. Entitled “The Silence of the Labs,” the documentary gives … Continue reading

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New Terminology

We need to have a term in the English language to refer to the practice of combining pomposity with overly long words and trying to pass it off as being insightful. For me as a Canadian, I must say that … Continue reading

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Claims of Legitimacy

Science is not democratic, but the two systems have a lot in common with each other. In particular, both science and democracy in their present forms are rooted in the Enlightment-era idea that claims can be legitimized or de-legitimized through … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Ass, Vic.

My day was just made brighter by learning that Vic Toews, Stephen Fucking Harper’s “Public Safety” Minister is resigning. I’m too tired to describe, yet again, my absolute revulsion for this philandering, babysitter-fucking, fundamentalist, hypocritical waste of Human skin, so … Continue reading

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This Is What Happens When You Entrust Your Country To An Idiot.

There is a mantra which is popular in right wing circles: it holds that the private sector is infinitely more efficient than the public sector. If this is the case, then surely to God our private industry can conduct its … Continue reading

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A Badge of Honour

My friends, I harbour in my heart a simple dream: a dream that one day, I will somehow manage to piss one of Stephen Harper’s pathetic subhuman lickspittles* off enough that it will somehow magically become the business of Her … Continue reading

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