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Let’s All Hear It For the Idle Rich

If I were born rich (by which I mean wealthy enough that I knew that I would never, under any remotely likely circumstances, have to face homelessness or starvation), I know precisely what I would do with my life: I … Continue reading

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Blatant Self-Congratulation

I don’t mean to brag, ladies and gentlemen, but I happen to think that I am a really, really good tutor. The secret to my success, perhaps surprisingly, is the very fact that I have never been a perfect student. … Continue reading

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In Defense of Uselessness

If there’s one trend that I absolutely cannot stand, it is the functionalist view that every course of action pursued by Humans should necessarily serve some sort of goal, or practical application. This, of course, rapidly gives rise to the … Continue reading

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Gone Phishin’

I regret to say that I have, thus far, had a great deal of difficulty keeping my New Year’s Resolution of earning $100 each week through tutoring. Although I have posted advertisements on craigslist, they have attracted mostly spam as … Continue reading

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In *My* Ideal World, You Wouldn’t Exist Either.

I have noted in the past that my studies as a physicist are inherently apolitical. This is a simple consequence of the fact that the subject matter with which I deal is abstract. Matter and energy, space and time are … Continue reading

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Everyone Panic!

It is an incontestable fact that nothing can inspire outbursts of stupidity quite as quickly as parents’ love for their children. This, of course, is quite understandable: the demands of having to take care of a completely helpless, utterly dependent … Continue reading

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Dead Bunnies

Dead Bunnies I thought it was sweet there were bunnies; but now they’re deported or gassed And I thought you were wise on your website but now that impression has passed I thought I was making a good deal; two … Continue reading

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