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A Benefit of Autism

My favourite thing about having Asperger’s Syndrome is that it makes me effectively immune to catty, passive-aggressive swipes, because I actually only notice them in retrospect. Case in point, at the closing ceremonies for the Program last week, I was … Continue reading

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Believe it or not, dear readers, there are certain times whereupon this blogger (in spite of her politeness and generally sunny disposition), can apparently seriously piss people off. One such incident took place about two and a half years ago. … Continue reading

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Three days into my glorious homecoming, and I must admit, things are getting strange. I was dysphoric this morning, so I doubled-down on the feminine gender presentation: to such an extent that my mother politely but firmly requested that I … Continue reading

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Concerning Disabilities

I’ve been alluding to this in various entries for the past little while, so please pardon me while I attempt to tackle it head on. You all know that I have Asperger’s Syndrome, but I’ve never really considered this to … Continue reading

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The Way That It Doesn’t Work

Is there anyone who seriously disagrees that the “friend argument” is rubbish? This, for the untutoured, is when someone attempts to extract themselves from accusations of bigotry by claiming that “some of their best friends” belong to the category in … Continue reading

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The Good Kind of Pain (is Still Painful): The Didactic Express, Day 13

Today, following on the advice of one of my readers, I had my first laser hair removal treatment. As per the clinician’s recommendation, I slathered my face up in a topical anasthetic about forty minutes before the treatment began. “Remember … Continue reading

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Pain is Beauty?

Lately, I’ve really been feeling the need to find a more permanent solution to my facial hair problem. Thus far, I have simply been shaving it very closely and covering-it up with concealer; while this looks pretty good from a … Continue reading

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