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The Didactic Express, Final Analysis

Well, ladies, gentlemen and gender rebels, I have done it! For the past month, I have teased and tortured the events of each day, looking for some manner of  moral instruction or life lesson (no matter how tenuous) and posted … Continue reading

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(In)competence: The Didactic Express, Day 30

Ever since 2004-2005, there has been a certain recurring pattern in my life. Namely, once every two years, I am compelled to return my attention to the study of electromagnetism. Thus, 2004-2005 was my final year of high school; physics … Continue reading

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“Ethan Frome” Sucks: The Didactic Express, Day 29.

Today I met my supervisor concerning revisions to my thesis. Mostly, he talked about the extent to which my diagrams sucked (seriously, finding a good file type for diagrams in LaTeX is a non-trivial task). At one point, however, he … Continue reading

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The Most Toys: The Didactic Express, Day 28

I’m constantly jealous of my first year physics lab students, because they always get to play with the best toys for their experiments. For example, this afternoon they were testing motion on a frictionless inclined plane using an air track … Continue reading

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Too Many People (The Didactic Express, Day 27)

There are times, dear readers, when I simply must remove myself from the company of my fellow human beings. Such an occasion took place today. For reasons that I need not dwell upon, it turns out that sharing a bachelor … Continue reading

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Concerning Thanksgiving (The Didactic Express, Day 26)

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, though I need to spend it marking lab reports in my office. I was, however, able to get a good feast in last night with a number of other physics graduate students: a potluck to which … Continue reading

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My Short Long Weekend (The Didactic Express, Day 25)

This Monday is Thanksgiving in Canada, so as a result I have a long weekend. Unfortunately, however, I also have a thesis due. So as a result I don’t have a long weekend because I needed to go to my … Continue reading

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