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Lessons Learned in Montr√©al

Yesterday, I returned from my month-long sojourn in Montreal; while it was certainly a wonderful thing to regain some measure of independence (no matter how temporarily), I am certainly happy to see the end of 24-hour work days*. I learned … Continue reading

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You Probably Need My Services

I’m pleased to announce that I have now exited the ranks of the unemployed and joined the burgeoning ranks of the¬†under-employed! More particularly, I now have a job editing academic papers; my educational background allows me to edit both natural … Continue reading

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The Joy of Editing

It has, unfortunately, been a while since my last update; I attribute this to the fact that the last two weeks of the SSP were incredibly busy for me. As I mentioned earlier, I was editor-in-chief of what was, effectively, … Continue reading

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Terrible Books You Had To Read In School

My post a few days ago seems to have tapped into a rich vain of frustration amongst my readers. It has also left me curious: what was the single worst work of fiction you were ever compelled to read (by … Continue reading

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Writing and Physics

One of the very sad consequences of the ideological rivalry between the sciences and the humanities is that everything that has come out of physics over the last sixty years or so has been cursed with incredibly boring, incredibly stupid … Continue reading

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Thesis Woes (The Didactic Express: Day 3)

I spent today puting together my thesis. My supervisor had informed me that he wanted a draft by today(ish), and I wish that I could say that I’m pleased to have one. That’s not to say that I don’t have … Continue reading

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Why Scientists Should Read Science Fiction

Every so often, one of my (older) colleagues will find me reading a science fiction novel. “Ah, science fiction,” they will say. “I used to read quite a bit of that. Of course, I can’t really get in to it … Continue reading

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