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In Which The Author Polishes a Turd

I enjoy my job; it doesn’t pay as much as I would like, and I could do with a more regular set of hours, but it pays the bills, I’m good at it, and I get to work in my … Continue reading

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The Competitive Global Market Place

Nothing in this world does more to boost my ego than rejecting a job offer that I consider to be insulting. As you know: I have, for the last several months, been eking out a meagre existence editing scientific papers … Continue reading

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Arrogance or Experience

My tutoring contract has now, sadly, expired, leaving me with only one source of income left to me: freelance editing of scientific and engineering papers written by scholars from Japan and China. I can’t discuss the specifics of anything that … Continue reading

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You Probably Need My Services

I’m pleased to announce that I have now exited the ranks of the unemployed and joined the burgeoning ranks of theĀ under-employed! More particularly, I now have a job editing academic papers; my educational background allows me to edit both natural … Continue reading

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The Joy of Editing

It has, unfortunately, been a while since my last update; I attribute this to the fact that the last two weeks of the SSP were incredibly busy for me. As I mentioned earlier, I was editor-in-chief of what was, effectively, … Continue reading

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