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Nutty E-Mails

When I first became a graduate student in Physics, I was surprised to find that my inbox was periodically flooded with pseudo-scientific e-mails written by crackpots and religious nutters both Christian and Islamic. I’m not sure precisely what these people … Continue reading

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Cowardly Theoretical Perseus

Cowardly Theoretical Perseus On paper, I create mathematical models, which describe fluid flows, which look like black holes, which are dual to field theories, which are kind of like QCD. I am, in essence, Looking at a shadow of a … Continue reading

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Concerning the Address of Audiences

So it turns out that it’s not that I’m bad at public speaking, but rather than I am bad at public speaking when I am being graded by a professor. I just gave a talk to a group of physics … Continue reading

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My Thesis Project: A Jargon-Free Explanation

In order to conclude the Jargon Trilogy (and also because I think it will be good for my personal understanding), I would like to try to explain the substance of my thesis project under the assumption that my reader has … Continue reading

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Academic Update

I am absolutely delighted to report that, as of February 17th, 2012, I have recieved my first ever citation in an academic paper. I thus have one publication and it has one citation! This accomplishment, though rather humble, is nonetheless … Continue reading

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A Sturdy Constitution

I’ve been sick for the last few days, with an odd sort of illness that induces lethargy more than anything else. I spent today, for example, lying around my house alone, trying to figure out how dumb holes emit Hawking … Continue reading

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Dumb Name; Awesome Concept

So, as I mentioned in my first post a few days ago, I am (among other things) a Master’s student in theoretical physics, specializing in black hole entropy. I admit, I have been fascinated by black holes for as long … Continue reading

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