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Apparently Economics is Really Easy

Young Canadians who are facing long-term underemployment (your humble scribe included) will be pleased to learn that Mr. Stephen Poloz has some advice for us: “When I bump into youths, they ask me, you know, ‘What am I supposed to do … Continue reading

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Irrational Exuberance, New Space, and Jaime Holding a Bucket of Cold Water

So as you know, I really like space. And I am as excited as anyone to think about new developments in space exploration. However, I am in a minority of the international space community when I admit that I’m not at all sanguine … Continue reading

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The Fallibility of Peer Review

An interesting article turned up on the BBC website today; apparently, a student has discovered fundamental calculation errors in a seminal 2010 economics paper making the case for austerity. I am not an economist, and I have not read this … Continue reading

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My Surprising Experience With Auditing Courses

As you all know, I’m taking advantage of the relative scarcity of work for me to do in the lead-up to my thesis defense by auditing a number of undergraduate courses in subjects which I have always found interesting/necessary, but … Continue reading

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“Societal Windtunnels?”

Over on Clarissa’s blog, there’s a bit of an ongoing debate as to whether it is possible to ‘perfect’ Communism in such a way that implementing it doesn’t result in millions upon millions of innocent people dying. On the one … Continue reading

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What I Want To Do With My Life

So, we’ve established by this point that I want above anything else to be a writer. We’ve also established that it is, in fact, very difficult to make one’s living on writing alone, so the overwhelming likelihood is that I … Continue reading

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My Five Year Mission

Given all of the unfortunate social problems that arrise from transition, it’s occured to me that it would be prudent to adopt a plan for the next few years. Given the still-routine employment discrimination against transgender people*, it would seem … Continue reading

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