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Students Break My Heart (Part the Second)

A few days after I wrote that last, heart-rending tale of interactions with my students, I happened to run in to the very student who had said such nice things about me. The only difference was that I was presenting … Continue reading

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“Losing” An Argument

When you think about it, talking about arguments in terms of winning and losing doesn’t actually make much sense. Think about it; assuming that the argument is based exclusively upon facts and logic (which is usually a pretty big assumption, … Continue reading

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No Science; No Evidence; No Truth; No Democracy

Today, scientists in this country got out and did what has needed to be done for years now: hundreds of them, clad in white lab coats, ventured to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to protest the Harper Regime’s policies on scientific … Continue reading

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Why They Hate Us

I’ve thought (too) long and (too) hard about the question of why radical feminists hate transsexual women. At first it seemed like a simple matter of a group of people prizing ideological purity over the inconvenient life experiences of other … Continue reading

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Science and Politics

Science* is not democratic. Science does not care whether or not you agree with it; it does not care whether or not you or an arbitrary number of people, think that things would be better off if something were done … Continue reading

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On the Primacy of Reality

One of the best things about the scientific method is that it offers a well-defined metric for telling the difference between good ideas and bad ideas; since the whole purpose of science is to create a (naturalistic) theoretical framework by … Continue reading

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In *My* Ideal World, You Wouldn’t Exist Either.

I have noted in the past that my studies as a physicist are inherently apolitical. This is a simple consequence of the fact that the subject matter with which I deal is abstract. Matter and energy, space and time are … Continue reading

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Concerning Think Tanks

I don’t necessarily have a problem with ideological think tanks; really I don’t. I mean, I admit and acknowledge the fact that, if you get too many like-minded people into a room together, after a while all of the ideas … Continue reading

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Transphobia? In Feminism? Well, I Never!

All things considered, when it comes to anti-transsexual bigotry based on ideological grounds, I think that conservative fundamentalists are more of a threat, but Disco-era radfems are the more offensive. You see, hatred is pretty much what you expect out … Continue reading

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