Why They Hate Us

I’ve thought (too) long and (too) hard about the question of why radical feminists hate transsexual women. At first it seemed like a simple matter of a group of people prizing ideological purity over the inconvenient life experiences of other people: a sociopathic outlook, perhaps, but still a logical one.

Then I got to thinking: this is not some mere ideological dispute; these are people who, in a lot of cases, genuinely want the lot of us dead*; and, indeed, looking across their discussion boards, they seem to have circled their wagons in a reactionary formation against the rising tide of transgender acceptance, jettisoning any redeeming features that their ideology might ever once have had in defense of a monomaniacal obsession with hating us. Indeed, they remind of absolutely nothing so much as contemporary Christian fundamentalists who are so defensive against secularists, liberals and (especially) gays that they have completely lost sight of what their religion once stood for.

And of course, like fundamentalist Christians, they like to cloak their hatred in pretty-sounding arguments: the fundamentalists use selective scriptural quotations whereas the RadFems use tired old arguments that have been refuted a thousand times, but the essential point remains the same: they are a cover. The ideology is a pretext, but the true basis for their hatred is something primitive and completely divorced from any conception of logic or reason (as, indeed how could any hatred of an entire group of people be otherwise?).

So what is the true basis?

Well, of course I cannot say for sure, but I have a theory in the case of the RadFems. Quite simply, I think that they are suffering, the lot of them, from a collective case of “tr*nny panic.”

When one generally thinks about this sort of “panic,” one does so in the sense of heterosexual men who are terrified of being ‘tricked’ into having sex with (what they percieve as) other men. Indeed, it seems likely that the outward projection of personal disgust at the idea of engaging in sexual intercourse with a member of the same sex may be at the heart of a great deal of homophobia. But why should this phenomenon only apply to heterosexual men?

What I am saying, in short, is that it is not a mere coincidence that transphobic radical feminists also tend to be “lesbian separatists.” They view transsexual women as men, and are just as disgusted by the thought of sex with men as are heterosexual males. And all of their actions against us are rooted in the fear that if they do not shut all of us out entirely, somewhere, some how, they may end up having sex with one of us and not finding out until it’s too late.

They are, of course (like everyone else), entirely entitled to their own sexual preferences. But it’s always tragic when a bunch of idiots construct entire political ideologies around them.


*Not directly linking it: you can follow from RadFeminist Scorpion.


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I have the heart of a poet, the brain of a theoretical physicist, and the wingspan of an albatross. I am also notable for my humility.
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9 Responses to Why They Hate Us

  1. ytakery says:

    It’s more than that. They hate men, often want to exterminate them off the earth so they can enjoy an all female paradise. I doubt they worry that you’ll have sex with them and they’ll enjoy it. They worry you’ll sneak into a female only space and rape them with your male priviledge.

    Their naked hate for all things male is obvious to anyone who spends much time around them on university campuses. Their ‘religion’ has always stood for that.

    • Yes, well they certainly seem to have an inordinate and unhealthy obsession with penises, but outside of the SCUM Manifesto, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Radical Feminist seriously advocate for the annihilation of all men. They do, however, maintain that liberated women should not interact with members of the male sex (especially sexually, which would seem to impose a rather stringent time limit on the shelf-life of their utopia).
      Advocating for the annihilation of all transsexual people, however (or, as Janice Raymond somewhat clinically phrased it, “that we be morally mandated out of existence,”) seems to be a central plank of their platform.

      • ytakery says:

        The idea of murdering all men is talked about if you listen in the right circles. I remember recently a group infiltrated a rad fem forum, in agent orange. These are two of the posts they found, talking about how to exterminate males. You don’t hear this sort of talk that often on campus, but it comes up if you talk with lesbians a lot.

        Transsexuals are on their kill list as you say, and so are men. There are lots of gentle legal ways and social ways for them work towards that, if not accomplish it.

        • I sincerely hope that you don’t expect me to be convinced of a worldwide genocidal feminist conspiracy by a couple of decontextualized screenshots of random idiots online obliquely referring to male infanticide.
          Now run along: I mislike having such things cluttering-up my boards.

  2. ytakery says:

    No, I expect to convince you that radical feminists have no sympathy for men and transsexuals, and so they’re happy to use what power they have to hurt them. Their desire for an all women utopia is well known. Why show any basic human empathy to men or transsexuals if they have no place in their future? It’s a feature of their ideology, not a bug.

    Some of course are more caring people and will care, but the general intellectual background they have pushes people to not care.

  3. Sometimes brilliant posts end up attracting all sorts of weird people which is a shame. This doesn’t detract from the quality of the post, though.

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