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Digits of Pi

I have an advanced degree in mathematical physics. How many digits of pi do you suppose that I know off of the top of my head? The answer may surprise you. The answer is six. I know 3.14159. That’s it; … Continue reading

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Things I’m Sick of Seeing

God knows, I don’t like Rob Ford, the current mayor of Toronto. Neither, from what I have heard of him, should I be particularly enamoured with Chris Christie, the current Governor of the state of New Jersey. But one thing … Continue reading

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If There’s One Thing I Will Never Be Able To Understand…

It’s why so many people seem so interested in taking online quizzes to tell them about aspects of their personality. I admit, it’s fun to read about yourself; this explains the enduring popularity of horroscopes even centuries after astrology has … Continue reading

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Yahoo! News Sucks

Primarily for legacy reasons, I still do my e-mail through yahoo. One of the consequences of this is that, every day when I log into check my messages, I am treated to a panoply of vacuous tabloid stories masquerading as … Continue reading

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Bizarre Directives

Last semester I taught a physics lab for the first time in my life. I have not yet managed to work-up the nerve to read the comments that the students gave me when the class wrapped-up, but they must have … Continue reading

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In Which the Sacred Rites of Kingship are Discussed

At some point, I hope to blog in detail about the Liberal Party of Canada’s attempts to rebuild itself following its disastrous decline over recent years, because (a) I find the idea of rebooting a major political party from scratch … Continue reading

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Something Mystifying

Upon lining-up to buy my groceries, I can always expect to see row after row of dubious publications printed on low-quality paper, bedecked with photographs of orange-complexioned Humanoid things in various states of states of anguish with salacious headlines narrating … Continue reading

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