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Fuck Civility

There was a time when I was a great believer in the ideal of expressing differences in political opinion in a polite and civil manner; after all, I reasoned, a disagreement about the direction in which your country should be … Continue reading

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Twenty-First Century Illiteracy

Given the extent to which all aspects of modern society (at least in industrialized countries) have come to be dominated by computers, it is not surprising that those with a detailed knowledge of how such machines now have a massive … Continue reading

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The Tories Hate Democracy.

The Harper Tories hate democracy, and there’s not actually any point in pretending otherwise anymore. Their latest assault on our system of government comes in the form of a new bill forbidding Elections Canada from encouraging citizens to vote. It … Continue reading

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Explaining Theoretical Physics Is Complicated

Most people (strange though this might sound) don’t actually personally know any theoretical physicists; it is for this reason that whenever some story about theoretical physics makes the news (such as Stephen Hawking’s recent pronouncement that he doesn’t believe in … Continue reading

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