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The Wasted Year

Tomorrow, I’m going to Montreal for the first time in eleven years. It seems that the staff of the International Space University were sufficiently impressed by my work last year in Strasbourg that they are inviting me back, with food, … Continue reading

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The Competitive Global Market Place

Nothing in this world does more to boost my ego than rejecting a job offer that I consider to be insulting. As you know: I have, for the last several months, been eking out a meagre existence editing scientific papers … Continue reading

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Things to Repress about Grad School

One of the most unfortunate things about my current living situation is how few of my old friends still live in this city, so as you might imagine, I was absolutely delighted when my best friend from High School returned … Continue reading

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(The Day After) Canada Day

I’m afraid I couldn’t bring myself to produce a new Canada Day post this year. My feelings on the subject are pretty much the same as they have been for the past two years. I’m running out of novel ways … Continue reading

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