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In Which I Am Not A Magician

Frequently during the course of writing a story, I will need to stop in order to research some particular detail. I don’t usually mind this: indeed, very often I find it fun to track down some obscure fact or other … Continue reading

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Selling Out

A recent comment by reader elizabethrosetransgirl has reminded me that I need not be overly concerned about my employment prospects in the long run: I think the influence of miscontrued ideas about quantum mechanics on spirituality would be interesting. Quantum … Continue reading

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Decadence And Magical Thinking

There are times when it is perfectly reasonable to suggest that certain activities might result in the collapse of civilization. I would argue, for example, that this claim could be usefully applied to things like catastrophic global warming or nuclear … Continue reading

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TV That Makes You Think

So let me make a few things clear: I am a skeptic*; I do not believe in supernatural phenomena of any kind, and when I hear an extraordinary claim being made (one which, for example, violates the known laws of … Continue reading

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Science: Why The Market Can’t Handle (all of) It

The less-intelligent sort of libertarians* seem to view the market the way that children view their mother’s credit card: as far as they are concerned, it is basically a “get-out-paying-for-things-free” card for governments. Thus a government need never spend money … Continue reading

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Umm…April Fool’s

So, as regular readers may well have guessed, that last post was actually an April Fool. Unfortunately, the joke seems to be on me, since none of my regular readers actually seem to have read it. Just to clarify in … Continue reading

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What Quantum Theory is Not

[I was going to include this as part of my previous post, but then I noticed how long it was growing so I decided to spin it off into its own separate entry. You may think of this, then, as … Continue reading

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