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Giving Stephen Harper Too Much Credit

Ever since Stephen Harper was first elected in 2006, there has been an endless conversation going on in Canada’s media and academic institutions about the¬†ideological predispositions of his government. Is he a genuine fundamentalist, or is he just playing one … Continue reading

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Science: Why The Market Can’t Handle (all of) It

The less-intelligent sort of libertarians* seem to view the market the way that children view their mother’s credit card: as far as they are concerned, it is basically a “get-out-paying-for-things-free” card for governments. Thus a government need never spend money … Continue reading

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In Which Our Heroine Reads Too Much Cory Doctorow and Thinks She Understands Economics

Clarissa has raised a very interesting point at her blog with regard to economic models: The question of an alternative to capitalism is the central question that preoccupies most of philosophers today. If no such alternative exists, then criticizing capitalism … Continue reading

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