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It’s Time For Scientists To Become Politically Active

A nice feature of the natural sciences is that the work tends to be apolitical: if your assumptions are valid, your experiment is empirically rigourous and your calculations are correct, then you should arrive at the same conclusion whether you … Continue reading

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Why I Hate the Harper Government in Two Short Votes

In the past two days, there have been two interesting votes in the House of Commons, both of which serve to underscore precisely why I loathe the Harper Regime as much as I do. The first of them, Bill C-279, … Continue reading

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The Dunning-Kruger Effect: A Practical Example

So I’m polishing-off my resumé just now, and I can’t help but notice something as I go through online samples. Namely, when I say that “I’m bad with computers,” what I mean is that I don’t have a lot of … Continue reading

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Of Friendship

I lived in one city for the first twenty-three years of my life. During all of that time, I made only one friend about whom I cared enough to make an effort to remain in contact. Think about that for … Continue reading

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Disqualifying Terms

There are certain words and phrases whose use in an unironic or non-critical context will immediately stop me from taking the author’s argument seriously. A partial list is presented as follows: “Politically Correct:” This is almost always used as a … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement: Feminism

Feminism, as a process, involves interrogating society, identifying structures which contribute to the oppression of women (or to gender inequality more generally), and acting in order to excise, or in some way modify these structures. Some of these structures are … Continue reading

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Pathetic Wishful Thinking

So there’s a “provocative new article” making the rounds amongst Canadian political junkies right now, in which journalist Steve Paikin tries to outline the ‘case’ for suspecting that Stephen Harper will be stepping down as Prime Minister this summer. Much … Continue reading

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