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Passing A Milestone

It occurs to me that the first anniversary of the start of my transition has just quietly passed-by without any comment on my part. I really don’t know what to say, to be honest, or indeed, even if anything really … Continue reading

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I Take It All Back

A few months ago, I laid-into my fellow physicists for their seeming inability to come-up with creative, evocative names for the things that they are discussing. Today I discovered that at least some of them must have been feeling the … Continue reading

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Decadence And Magical Thinking

There are times when it is perfectly reasonable to suggest that certain activities might result in the collapse of civilization. I would argue, for example, that this claim could be usefully applied to things like catastrophic global warming or nuclear … Continue reading

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What is this?

In my blogging career, I have written two posts which tend to attract alot traffic from search engines. The first, as you should know by now, is that one that I did last year on the subject of forced feminization … Continue reading

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The Culling of the Future

Every second is mass murder as vig’rously we kill all that which will never be in cause of that which will. [And this is why I sometimes find it so difficult to make life decisions.]

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I’m Going To Have a Heart Attack and Die From Not-Surprise

Last summer, the city of Vancouver started putting up a series of provocative posters in bars and taverns, whose purpose was to reduce the rate of sexual assault. Now, of course, when reading that, what you’re probably imagining is you’re … Continue reading

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My Surprising Experience With Auditing Courses

As you all know, I’m taking advantage of the relative scarcity of work for me to do in the lead-up to my thesis defense by auditing a number of undergraduate courses in subjects which I have always found interesting/necessary, but … Continue reading

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