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What is this?

In my blogging career, I have written two posts which tend to attract alot traffic from search engines. The first, as you should know by now, is that one that I did last year on the subject of forced feminization … Continue reading

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Search Terms

As I’ve noted many, many times since writing this post, every day this blog is inundated by visitors coming here in search of porn, finding only analysis, and leaving just as quickly. It’s gotten to the point where I hardly … Continue reading

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A Fictional Challenge

I think that one of the biggest hurdles that I have faced in coming-out as a transsexual woman, particularly to members of the older generation, is the almost universally-negative depiction of transsexuality in popular culture. As I have noted before, … Continue reading

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Can I Make Some Coin Off Of This?

…And, more to the point, would it be ethical? In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, some of you may recall that a few months ago, I wrote an entry about politically troubling narratives in “forced feminization” fetish-pornography. This … Continue reading

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Remind Me…

…Never to blog about pornography again. Not even to analyze its sociopolitical implications. It’s not because it’s controversial: I would have been able to live with that. Rather it’s the fact that, ever since I wrote that post yesterday, I’ve … Continue reading

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