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I Get E-Mail

I haven’t been a grad student in physics in about a year. As far as I know, my name no longer appears on any University mailing lists. So I guess my question is: how do cranks still manage to spam … Continue reading

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Cultural Backwash

Sometimes I think that the public’s reaction to a scientific theory or discovery is more interesting that the science itself. It’s around these times that I start to wonder whether I ought to be getting a degree in studying that … Continue reading

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Just To Clear Some Things Up

As many of you will no doubt be delighted to learn, it looks like the last loose end in the standard model of Particle Physics may have just (finally) been resolved. It looks like we may have our Higgs. I’ve … Continue reading

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Predictions for 2012

Here are some predictions that I’m going to make concerning national and world affairs in the coming year. As you have probably guessed, I cannot see the future (and neither can you!), so you probably shouldn’t be betting the farm … Continue reading

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Your Mamma’s So Fat, She Would Have Mass Even Without the Higgs Field!

There’s nothing quite as sad as an unfunny satire. At least, that’s what I assume that this editorial in The Globe and Mail is supposed to be. I almost feel bad drawing attention to it; it’s not nearly as offensive … Continue reading

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Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are…

In furtherance of the rumour that I mentioned here, CERN has now announced that two separate experiments have found a two-sigma Higgs-signal in the same energy range. This could easily be the beginning of the final chapter in experimental physicists’ … Continue reading

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The Rumour Mill is Turning…

It seems that CERN may have found our linchpin. There’s not an awful lot to say about this as yet (and lord knows, I’m not the one to say it, in view of the fact that I haven’t even taken … Continue reading

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