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Of Exoplanets

My generation will be the last in Human history to grow up with only nine planets in the known Universe*. This fact amazes me when I think about it. The planets of the Solar System were one of the first … Continue reading

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It Finally Happened

The above is an artist’s conception* of the planet Kepler-186f, the first known Earth-sized planet to be located within its parent star’s habitable zone…other than the Earth itself, of course. The planet is located approximately 500 light years away. I … Continue reading

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An Astrophysics Joke:

So a bunch of teenaged second-generation stars are having a house party, but their music is so loud that one of their parents comes downstairs to complain. “What is this racket!” the first generation star complains. “We didn’t listen to … Continue reading

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Nostalgia For The Future

Out of a powerful drive to understand the Stanley Kubrick film (and also to firm-up my appreciation for classic science fiction), I am currently reading Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s novel, 2001: A Space Odyssey. I’m about midway through, and so … Continue reading

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First Anniversary

It has now been one year since the worst day of my life (or, according to wordpress, more than a year, on account of how it appears to be based upon Greenwich Mean Time). Perhaps now is a good time … Continue reading

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Predictions for 2012

Here are some predictions that I’m going to make concerning national and world affairs in the coming year. As you have probably guessed, I cannot see the future (and neither can you!), so you probably shouldn’t be betting the farm … Continue reading

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