Predictions for 2012

Here are some predictions that I’m going to make concerning national and world affairs in the coming year. As you have probably guessed, I cannot see the future (and neither can you!), so you probably shouldn’t be betting the farm on any of these.

  1. The scientific community will be rocked when the discovery of superluminal neutrinos is confirmed by a second experiment in Japan.
  2. The New Age conspiracy theorist community will be rocked when the world doesn’t end in December
  3. Protests against Vladimir Putin will either fizzle-out or be violently suppressed.
  4. After a hard-fought battle, Ron Paul will win the GOP nomination. He will then go on to be absolutely steamrolled by Barack Obama in the election.
  5. The NDP leadership race in Canada will be polarized between Thomas Mulcair and Brian Topp; Paul Dewar will eventually be elected as a compromise candidate.
  6. The Higgs Boson will be discovered by June.
  7. There will continue to be no evidence whatsoever of supersymmetry actually existing.
  8. Stepher Harper will do one of those stupid things that really piss people off, resulting in the largest street demonstrations in Canadian history.
  9. The European Union will reorganize into a much more federated entity; the United Kingdom, however, will withdraw altogether.
  10. The Kepler space telescope will discover a planet within 10% of the mass of the Earth, smack dab in the middle of its parent star’s habitable zone. And then it will discover another, and another, and so on, until, by 2013, the discovery of Earth-like planets is no longer considered “newsworthy”

About thevenerablecorvex

I have the heart of a poet, the brain of a theoretical physicist, and the wingspan of an albatross. I am also notable for my humility.
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2 Responses to Predictions for 2012

  1. In what concerns Putin, I heard a leading Russian political commentator predict last night that Putin will win the next presidential elections but his government will be very weakened by the protests. By the end of his term, real alternative leaders will arise and finally displace him. Would that this were true!

    As for the US elections, I also believe Obama will win. I think, however, that Romney will be the Republican nominee.

    I agree on the EU prediction.

    Now let’s just wait and see. 🙂

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