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Egregiously Stupid Arguments Against Science For The Sake Of Science

Craig and Marc Kielburger are the founders of an international charity based on the idea of empowering youth into social activism. I’m sure that they are both absolutely wonderful and saintly Human beings. I would be remiss, however, if I … Continue reading

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Concerning Mediaevalism

Ask Voxcorvegis has attracted its first customer! Reader Zinemin asks an excellent question: What was it like to study mediaeval history? How did studying Physics and studying mediaeval history compare? Which did you enjoy more and why? Zinemin is of … Continue reading

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Sometimes, I must confess, I have difficulty thinking of things to blog about. For that reason, diligent readers may note that I have established an “Ask Voxcorvegis” page, so that I can occasionally spare myself the troubling necessity of having … Continue reading

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Students Break My Heart (Part the Second)

A few days after I wrote that last, heart-rending tale of interactions with my students, I happened to run in to the very student who had said such nice things about me. The only difference was that I was presenting … Continue reading

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A Badge of Honour

My friends, I harbour in my heart a simple dream: a dream that one day, I will somehow manage to piss one of Stephen Harper’s pathetic subhuman lickspittles* off enough that it will somehow magically become the business of Her … Continue reading

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This Friday was apparently one of those rare days upon which everything spontaneously goes right. By this I mean that I was able to make a series of conquests in various different fields, among them: Thesis Research: You may recall … Continue reading

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Not This Again

A few hours ago, someone I know on facebook, apparently without any sense of irony, posted the following macro: Now, I actually find this one to be fairly humourous, on account of the fact that it actually does sound very … Continue reading

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