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Public Evisceration

I have thus far stayed-out of the controversy in the trans-sphere over allegedly-notable drag queen RuPaul’s constant use of transmisogynistic slurs. The truth is that I have never much cared about reality television, drag culture has always bored me, and … Continue reading

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The New Cultural Bogeyman

Feeling a touch masochistic, I scrolled down and read some of the comments in that article about which I just posted. One in particular, by a fellow named “weylguy” caught my eye: I’ve lived in small and medium-sized towns in … Continue reading

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Why the Culture War was over before it began

I am not a supporter of “Whig history;” I do not, by any means, believe that time naturally progresses towards greater human liberty, and whenever I hear some well-meaning liberal making this argument, I assume that they are probably looking … Continue reading

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Fuck Civility

There was a time when I was a great believer in the ideal of expressing differences in political opinion in a polite and civil manner; after all, I reasoned, a disagreement about the direction in which your country should be … Continue reading

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Gendered Reactions to my Transgenderism

Over the past year and a half, I have noted with some amusement the differing ways that the men and women in my life have reacted to news of my transition. The women, in general, have tended to be quietly … Continue reading

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Things You Can’t Explain To A Child

When it comes to issues pertaining to queerness (particularly in public education), one tired refrain frequently emerges from opponents: namely, that children are incapable of understanding the issues involved. Allow me to present an anecdote: when I was about five … Continue reading

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Passing A Milestone

It occurs to me that the first anniversary of the start of my transition has just quietly passed-by without any comment on my part. I really don’t know what to say, to be honest, or indeed, even if anything really … Continue reading

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