The Secret History of Jaime

In late August, 2012, I produced a ten-part series on this blog in which I outlined (in detail and total earnestness) the circumstances of my life as a transgendered person prior to my coming-out.

They series is available through the following links.

  • Part One: Introduction (in which I outline my motivations for writing the series)
  • Part Two: Childhood (in which I discuss the gender-variant behaviour that I exhibited when I was very young)
  • Part Three: The Susiegirl (in which I first entertain, however reluctantly, the idea that I might be “really” a girl in some ineffable sense)
  • Part Four: Demographics and Biology (in which circumstances conspire to stick me, uncomfortably, into a masculine gender role)
  • Part Five: Crossdressing (which outlines my first experience with what I, at the time, considered to be transvestitism)
  • Part Six: Arrested Development (in which I spend my high school years withdrawing into myself)
  • Part Seven: Humanity Amongst the Machines (in which I find some small measure of Human contact in online communities)
  • Part Eight: Fumbling Towards Womanhood (in which I find it harder and harder to deny what I truly am)
  • Part Nine: Breakthroughs (in which I finally admit to myself that I am transgendered)
  • Part Ten: The Beginning (in which I admit my transgenderism to the world, and begin my transition)

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