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Obligatory Search Terms Post

You do a simple little thing like label a few of your posts with the tag “Master’s Thesis,” and you end up on the first page of results for the google search: “I have devoted myself to my master.” Damn … Continue reading

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Science and Politics

Science* is not democratic. Science does not care whether or not you agree with it; it does not care whether or not you or an arbitrary number of people, think that things would be better off if something were done … Continue reading

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Fuck You and Your “Moderation”

Can we please put an end to this obnoxious trend of citing “moderation” in a political sense as if it were some kind of a great virtue? Don’t get me wrong: if you have legitimately considered all of the available … Continue reading

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A Letter to my Girlfriend’s Mother

[My girlfriend’s mother has, in the past, been blissfully ignorant concerning the details of my gender identity. This ignorance has lately been lifted, and as such, my Nominatissima may face rather severe consequences for her (lesbian) relationship with a “disgusting, … Continue reading

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The CBC’s Harley Quinn Moment

I never actually watched Batman: The Animated Series when I was a child; it was on the wrong channel for me, so it wasn’t part of my morning viewing routine*. It is only now, as an adult, that I am … Continue reading

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This is a Perfect Example of What I’m Talking About

One of the major themes that I have running through this blog is that people in the Sciences and people in the Humanities fundamentally do not understand one another, one account of the fact that sciences are inherently apolitical whereas … Continue reading

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Birthday Note

Happy Birthday to the brightest, prettiest, most articulate and all-around swellest girl I know. I am, of course, talking about myself. I had hoped to celebrate with a hormone cocktail, but unfortunately my bloodwork is still being processed. Ah fie.

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