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A Tale of Two Physics Faculties

I have been intimately connected with two physics faculties during the course of my academic life: the one where I did my Honours degree (which we shall call “Faculty A), and the one where I did my Master’s degree (which … Continue reading

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The strange fact about my present unemployment is that I suddenly feel far more intellectually productive than I have in months. Recently, I’ve been reading up on the history of science, quantum computing, modern cosmology, and magic tricks. I am … Continue reading

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Where Did My Anxiety Go?

Recently, in a fit of boredom, I decided to re-read every single facebook status update that I have made in in 2013. I must admit, I’ve noticed a very stark change in my overall mannerisms between the first half of … Continue reading

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Farewell to the Life I Have Built

On Tuesday, I was presented with a diploma which certified my status as a Master of Science. From this day forward, I can truthfully tell people that I hold an advanced degree in theoretical physics*. Convocation itself was a dreadfully … Continue reading

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Victory At Last

I spent pretty much all of last week preparing for yesterday’s thesis defense, culminating in a “practice run” which took place last Friday afternoon. I had originally intended to deliver this exclusively to a group of my fellow graduate students, … Continue reading

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My Surprising Experience With Auditing Courses

As you all know, I’m taking advantage of the relative scarcity of work for me to do in the lead-up to my thesis defense by auditing a number of undergraduate courses in subjects which I have always found interesting/necessary, but … Continue reading

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Resolutions for 2013

During the New Year, I resolve to do the following: I will obtain my Master’s Degree in Theoretical Physics. Write at four hundred words a day beyond those written in an official capacity, and not including blog entries. I will … Continue reading

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