Resolutions for 2013

During the New Year, I resolve to do the following:

  1. I will obtain my Master’s Degree in Theoretical Physics.
  2. Write at four hundred words a day beyond those written in an official capacity, and not including blog entries.
  3. I will submit stories for publication at a rate of one per month, unless I am too busy writing something longer.
  4. I vow to advertise my tutoring services outside of high schools, in the hopes of earning at least $100/week in supplementary income.
  5. I will take-up Yoga as a means of bringing my anxiety to heel.
  6. I will try to live more within my means: I shall set aside $400 dollars a month for groceries, $400 month for rent, and $400 month for purchases, with any tutoring income I earn being used as I see fit.
  7. Finally, I vow to become more comfortable being seen presenting as a woman. I am moving in that direction anyways, but I can never be comfortable if I’m constantly self-conscious of who is looking at me doing what and what they are thinking. Towards this end, I plan on buying a proper bathing suit and going swimming regularly.

About thevenerablecorvex

I have the heart of a poet, the brain of a theoretical physicist, and the wingspan of an albatross. I am also notable for my humility.
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3 Responses to Resolutions for 2013

  1. mathandphysicstutor says:

    Um, hello. I came across your blog, and I was like, oh, I too am a physics person/tutor/writer/yoga practicer. Good luck to you with your New Years resolutions!

  2. Priyanka says:

    Might I offer some unsolicited advice re. savings, as a seasoned (and quite successful, even if I say so myself) saver?

    FIRST put away a couple of hundred each month as savings. Of this, hundred is sacrosanct; do not touch it. Eat boiled lentils with a touch of butter for dinner, but do not touch the ickle nest egg. The other hundred may be borrowed from — but not all of it — and only on the understanding that it is to be replaced within six weeks. To compensate, cut down on groceries. It’s amazing how much you can cut down on food, once you start.

    These are fabulous resolutions. I hope you succeed at every single of them. Have a lovely new year 🙂

    • Your advice is duly noted; I will modify it though, so that instead of paying into savings, I shall pay $200/month against my student line of credit.
      Of course, I need to remember that I have no idea what, if any, source of income I will have after I graduate but this is a problem for another day.

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