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Back to Haunt Me

So apparently, after years of sitting inert, one of my old April Fool’s Day posts is suddenly¬†getting heavy traffic because a commentator on a skeptical website is apparently citing it as serious evidence in favour of quantum immortality. This being … Continue reading

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Quantum Immortality and Me

One of the most controversial scientific hypotheses to emerge from the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum theory is known as “quantum immortality.” While it does have the ring of New Age tripe, it at least has the benefit of having … Continue reading

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Selling Out

A recent comment by reader elizabethrosetransgirl has reminded me that I need not be overly concerned about my employment prospects in the long run: I think the influence of miscontrued ideas about quantum mechanics on spirituality would be interesting. Quantum … Continue reading

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Uncertainty Not So Certain

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is one of those weird predictions of quantum mechanics which have somehow managed to bleed into popular culture. Indeed, I have found that, when I speak to a nonscientist, and inform them that I am a … Continue reading

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The Best of Voxcorvegis

As you’ve probably noticed, there has been a bit of a decline in activity on this blog recently, owing to the twin facts that (a) I am on vacation, and (b) I have to work on my Master’s Thesis. As … Continue reading

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Cultural Backwash

Sometimes I think that the public’s reaction to a scientific theory or discovery is more interesting that the science itself. It’s around these times that I start to wonder whether I ought to be getting a degree in studying that … Continue reading

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Brain Death Has Occurred

This would be a sterling example of why one should never update one’s blog immediately after having completed a thirty-two hour long exam in Quantum Field Theory. I felt I should post a new entry (they have been so rare … Continue reading

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Another Thing that Quantum Theory is Not.

Less sensational than the claim that quantum physics allows for magic is the claim that quantum mechanics explains free will. Unfortunately for those who make it, this claim is no truer. The logic behind this claim runs something like this: … Continue reading

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What Quantum Theory is Not

[I was going to include this as part of my previous post, but then I noticed how long it was growing so I decided to spin it off into its own separate entry. You may think of this, then, as … Continue reading

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The Follies of the Wise

As Canadian newspapers go, I must admit that (from the few editions that I have read), the Victoria Times-Colonist is better than average. It is generally even-handed and well-written. Whereas the newspaper in the city where I grew-up seemed inclined … Continue reading

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