The Best of Voxcorvegis

As you’ve probably noticed, there has been a bit of a decline in activity on this blog recently, owing to the twin facts that (a) I am on vacation, and (b) I have to work on my Master’s Thesis.

As such, today, to slake you’re reading pleasure, rather than a new post I am going to provide a series of links to old posts of which I am rather proud, but which don’t seem to have recieved much attention for whatever reason.


About thevenerablecorvex

I have the heart of a poet, the brain of a theoretical physicist, and the wingspan of an albatross. I am also notable for my humility.
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One Response to The Best of Voxcorvegis

  1. Lindsay says:

    Twin Facts!

    (They must be fraternal twins, as they do not look much alike to me …)

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