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The “War” on Christmas

‘Tis the season to start hearing the usual nonsense about a “War on Christmas,” so I would just like to take a few minutes to point out what should be pathetically obvious to everyone with a functioning brain: Corporations do … Continue reading

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The Gift of the Magi, Redux

Last night as I was wrapping my gifts, I came upon one of those annoying transgender quandaries. Namely, I was left wondering how I should sign the tags on the gifts to my parents. I do, of course, go by … Continue reading

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All I Want For Christmas

This Christmas, I would be absolutely delighted with a “Happy Lamp” which I can use to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder. I would also be quite satisfied with Terry Pratchett novels, or hey, even a book of poetry. But what I … Continue reading

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Concerning Great Aunt Hester

My parents are geniuses. I suppose that there’s always a problem offloading unglamourous but necessary things like socks and underwear on children for Christmas. You can give them out yourself, and disappoint your kids, or you can let “Santa” do … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Some people may find it odd that I– I who never found a convincing reason to believe in God or the faith to do so in spite of one; I whom the majority of self-avowed Christians worldwide would probably dismiss … Continue reading

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Things I Want For Christmas (But Can’t Ask For)

I realize that I just finished telling you that the overwhelming majority of the gifts this year are just going to consist of cash, and that this is good, and necessary, and really best for everyone concerned. However, there is … Continue reading

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Christmas Time

Contrary to recent claims made by certain idiotic Texan governors, you will have no doubt noticed that Christmas is now very much in the air, and there is not a thing that’s clandestine about it. Personally, I’m not complaining; I … Continue reading

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